Automotive Information Highway

The Finnish Information Centre of Automobile Sector (AuT) is a service and information centre that aims to promote positive attitudes towards road transport, automobile trade, as well as the car repair and inspection industries. We distribute information on industry developments, arrange meetings and events, as well as participate actively in public discussions relevant to the automotive industry.

Our primary customers are the media and public stakeholders. In addition to journalists, researchers, political decision makers, the authorities, organizations and businesses, we provide information on the automotive industry to private citizens.             

Founded in 1974, AuT is owned by the Finnish Central Organization for Motor Trades and Repairs and the Association of Automobile Industry in Finland.

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Scrapping scheme in 2018

A scrapping scheme for end-of-life vehicles will be carried out in Finland between 1 January and 31 August 2018.  During the scrapping scheme, the consumer will get a discount of 1,500 -2,000 euros upon the purchase of a new car after having scrapped an old end-of-life vehicle.  Read more

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