Scrapping scheme 2015

A scrapping scheme for end-of-life vehicles will be carried out in Finland between 1 July and 31 December 2015. The campaign will support the objective of Finland to reduce the emissions and to improve road safety, because a modern car is up to 50% safer and consumes about a third less fuel than a car of the 1990s. During the scrapping scheme, the consumer will get a discount of 1,500 euros upon the purchase of a new car after having scrapped an old end-of-life vehicle.

Car buyer’s check list in the scrapping scheme:

1) The end-of-life vehicle must be delivered for recycling to an authorised take-back point, where the owner of the vehicle receives a certificate of destruction. The scrapping of an end-of-life vehicle in Finland is free of charge. You can check the location of authorised take-back points at the website of Finnish Car Recycling ( or at telephone number 0800 05044.

2) Both the end-of-life vehicle and the new car bought to replace it must be passenger cars.

3) The certificate of destruction and the order agreement for the new car must be dated for a date in period 1 July to 31 December 2015. If the old car has already been scrapped before the beginning of July, it cannot be utilised to obtain the scrapping scheme. The original certificate of destruction must be given to the seller when purchasing the new car.

4) The scrapping scheme can be utilised only once for the same end-of-life vehicle, and only one scrapping premium can be used for one new car.

5) The end-of-life car must be at least 10 years old.

6) The person obtaining the scrapping scheme must be the last owner of the end-of-life vehicle, registered in the Vehicular and Driver Data Register. In other words, the person obtaining the scrapping scheme must have been entered as the owner of the end-of-life vehicle before the vehicle is permanently removed from the register. If the owner of the vehicle has not yet declared a change of ownership to the Vehicular and Driver Data Register, it must be made at the vehicle inspection office before the vehicle is scrapped, if the owner wants to take advantage of the scrapping premium.

7) The scrapping scheme can only be given to private persons.

8) The scrapping scheme is granted only for the purchase of a new car which has CO2 emissions of no more than 120 g/km or which is driven either in whole or in part by high-concentration ethanol (flex fuel), methane (natural gas or biogas) or electricity (all-electric car or plug-in hybrid).