Automotive Industry as an Employer

The Finnish automotive industry employs 27,200 professionals (2014) consisting of wholesale and retail trade of cars as well as maintenance and repairing of cars and inspection .

A majority of the people working in the industry are mechanics (46%) and salaried employees in the automobile trade (37%). Technical personnel represent less than 10% and managerial employees 7.5% of all employees.

Car production, trade of car parts, tyre markets and  insurance  increases the amount of employs about 45 000 persons.  

APO – Unique Extension Studies in Finland

To enable the professional development and commitment of employees, the automotive industry has established the Automotive Qualification Programme (APO). APO is a professional extension studies programme, which allows an employee to obtain qualifications for their current job and to pursue more demanding career opportunities. The APO programme aims to respond to the challenges presented by continuous technological development in the industry, as well as to maintain and develop the professional skills of employees. APO is a unique programme, as there are no similar extension studies programmes available in other sectors in Finland. 

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