Automotive Aftermarket

Versatile Aftermarket

The automotive aftermarket is an important part of the overall service offering of a car dealership. The automotive aftermarket includes all functions of a car dealership that take place after a car purchase.

The aftermarket includes:

  • Car repairs
  • All-around car repairs (service and other repair work)
  • Crash repairs (body work and painting)
  • Anti-rust treatment
  • Spare parts
  • Replacement car and rental services
  • Other after-sales services

Looming Labour Shortage

The Finnish automotive industry currently employs 27,500 professionals, of which 45% are mechanics. This group represents the following professions: car mechanic, vehicle painter, auto electrician, dedicated mechanic, vehicle body mechanic, diesel mechanic and heavy duty mechanic.

In addition to mechanics, the automotive aftermarket employs spare parts salespersons, warehouse keepers, foremen and forewomen, service advisors and warranty claims handlers. At the managerial level, the aftermarket employs after-sales managers, service managers, repair shop managers and spare parts managers.

In the automotive industry, there is a shortage especially of car repair mechanics. At the moment, there are regional shortages particularly of specialized professionals such as heavy duty mechanics and auto electricians, as well as vehicle body mechanics and vehicle painters. In the following few years, the retirement of the baby boomers will further worsen the situation.

Newer Vehicles Mainly Serviced at Authorized Dealers

The aged motor vehicle population of Finland offers both challenges and opportunities for the automotive aftermarket. The continuous technological development of new vehicles requires more and more technical expertise from automotive professionals. On the other hand, know-how is also needed on the repair of older vehicles in a country where the average age of the motor vehicle population is 12.3 years.

According to a study conducted by TNS Gallup, 67% of vehicles aged 2–6 years are serviced at authorized dealers. There is a significant market also for other repair shops, as only 40% of vehicles aged 7–10 years are serviced at authorized dealers. Furthermore, the import of used vehicles has expanded the automotive aftermarket especially for independent repair shops.

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