Automobile Trade

New Car Sales

A total of 123,476 motor vehicles were new registered in Finland in 2015. This figure consists of 108,812 passenger cars, 11 431 vans, 2 707 trucks and 526 buses. When compared to 2014, passenger car sales increased by 2,4 %.

New registrations of passenger cars 1956–2015

Estimated Car sales

The Finnish automotive industry has estimated that a total of 116,000 new passenger cars will be sold in Finland in 2016.

Estimates for 2016 by vehicle groups:

Passenger cars
Trucks total
  Trucks under 6 t
  Trucks 6...16 t
  Trucks over 16 t
 Buses 400

Used Car Sales

About 550,000–600,000 used automobiles are sold each year in Finland. Half of these sales take place at authorized dealers, one quarter at independent automobile dealers, and one quarter directly between consumers.

After the reduction in car tax in Finland in 2003, the import of used automobiles has increased significantly. In 2015, less than 22,000 used passenger cars were imported into Finland.